I.C.H. B.I.N. W.I.E. E.I.N. T.R.A.U.M. F.Ü.R. D.I.E. K.I.D.S.

S.I.E. W.Ü.R.D.E.N. M.I.C.H. G.E.R.N. A.N.F.A.S.S.E.N.

D.O.C.H. S.I.E. T.R.A.U.E.N. S.I.C.H. N.I.C.H.T.  !!

15.8.08 22:06

; )


17.8.08 17:41



das leben is einfach nur scheiße -.-

wo sind alle wenn man sie braucht?




missinq u'r voice : ( 

17.8.08 18:22




Inside Out

I´m a Heartbreaker, Bredmaker I´m a Hustler from the Street

I´m a Go Getta, Gorilla, Dopefigga, thats the Way its gonna be

I´m a Heartbreaker




17.8.08 19:19

welcome to

My Own Hell

with alot of misery, sadness, inside cryin

love, happiness, suicide thoughts, fucked up feelin´s

mixed with alot of excellent music

and mostly tha real Life.

19.8.08 18:39

listn to: Prozak - Fading ft. Twiztid & Krizz Kaliko

its darkness were i stay... i´m slowly fading

19.8.08 18:59

play with matches , you might get fired

play with emotions, its tears in your eyes

play with love and fasho you gonna die

you motherfuckers don´t know who ya´ll fuckin with...

20.8.08 16:31

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